Raw Perceptions >< Body Life (2002) – sound design for a video triptych by Claire Ward-Thornton and Pau Ros, UK

Artists Claire Ward-Thornton and Pau Ros asked us – Gabriella Svenningsen, Anselm Caminada and me – to provide the sound design for their video triptych Raw Perceptions >< Body Life, after seeing our band l’ectro Q’d perform live in Hackney Wick, London, 2002. The finished piece was premiered at Lasal gallery, Berlin, 2003.

Our aim was to provide a library of sounds that could be experienced as tactile, sensuous, bodily, intimate, physical, raw, fragile, microscopic, textural…in addition we composed few musical themes with Gabriella singing, which appear throughout the piece.

Raw Perceptions >< Body Life is a project from Completely Naked project that explores the perception of human body as the main protagonist of our life from everyday sensations towards the environment.

20 ‘normal people’ from the audience volunteered to be filmed in video, exploring the ‘domestic nakedness’ of the human body and celebrating its differences.

A video installation of 3 digital synchronized video projections + soundtracks part of the Berlin / London exchange.

The soundtrack for the installation was produced by independent musicians – Gabriella Svenningsen, Ilpo Jauhiainen and Anselm Caminada (L’ectro Q’d) plus Lee Evans (Chalkline).

David Atkinson has been solely responsible for editing the three films, image and sound, with added support from 303 Ltd (post-production house), who kindly facilitated the encoding of each film.”

Raw Perceptions >< Body Life on Vimeo (excerpt 1)

Raw Perceptions >< Body Life on Vimeo (excerpt 2)

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