Shimmer & Bloom (2011) – 11-track album

“Shimmer & Bloom is one of those albums that will continue to grow for weeks and months after the first listen. Its surface seems calm at first, but beneath the ethereally thin sound layers there is a lot going on that simply isn’t revealed immediately. The main thread of this ambitious debut album might at times get diverted but on the whole Shimmer & Bloom is rewarding and beautiful.” – Mika Roth,, 4/5

Shimmer & Bloom is my debut album as Ilpo. It consists of six vocal and five instrumental pieces, and features poet Rick Holland (previous works including Panic of Looking and Drums Between The Bells with Brian Eno), singer-songwriter Adam Ferns, actor Christopher Simpson and artist Megumi Matsubara on vocals and words. In addition cellist Jo Silverston, guitarist Tero Heikkinen and singers Moss Beynon Juckes and Lee Clough guest on the record.

The album fuses elements from urban music – electro, funk, downtempo, poetronics – indie pop, experimental electronic music and contemporary composition – having started out as a playful idea to create a series of impressions, “sonic paintings”, of these genres and explore different kind of vocals and stories within them. Like many debut albums it is drawn from works spanning several years (2002-2011). The original artwork and cover design is by Ayako Kishi.

The album is available digitally on all the major music download and streaming services worldwide, and as a physical CD from my Bandcamp Store.

Composed, performed and mixed by Ilpo Jauhiainen

Composition #1 & Tailless Amphibian: written by Ilpo Jauhiainen and Rick Holland
Shine: written by Ilpo Jauhiainen and Adam Ferns
Aurora: written by Ilpo Jauhiainen and Lee Clough
11: written by Ilpo Jauhiainen and Megumi Matsubara

Produced by Ilpo Jauhiainen

Mastered by Niklas Silén at Good Will Mastering

Cover art, design and typography: Ayako Kishi

Released November 21, 2011

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