Absent City (2008) – music / soundscape composition for an architectural exhibition by Megumi Matsubara, Tokyo JP

Absent City

Mixed media installation, 40 sqm (dimension variable)
Materials: photography, radio, radio transmitter, speaker, TV, table, lamp, maquette, printed material, …
POINT, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea, 8.29 – 9.24, 2008
Gallery within assistant, Tokyo, Japan, 6.6 – 6.12, 2008

ABSENT CITY is a multi-layered installation which includes several kinds of media such as music, photography, TV monitor, radio, texts, and a maquette. The artist presents architecture as a sense and awareness with psycho-sociological approach towards the city. It accompanies several projects such as below.

SOCIOLOGICAL LUNCH, 18-24/02/2008 13:00-14:30 daily, Performance & Documentation. I had appointed lunch with different people every day. Every lunch was scheduled for 90 minutes and documented by audio recorder and video tape. The guests were interviewed by me and secret agents simultaneously.

ABSENT CITY SOUNDTRACK, Music (duration: 90min) Seven different audio environment recorded from SOCIOLOGICAL LUNCH were composed into soundtrack music. All conversations were distorted, manipulated, layered as different instruments to compose an orchestra. In collaboration with a Finnish musician Ilpo.

Realisation: assistant

Photography: Sebastian Mayer

Music: Ilpo Jauhiainen

Megumi Matsubara

4-minute documentation of the exhibition and the soundscape on Youtube

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