Midnight in Fès (2015) – spoken word and soundscape composition for Shubbak Festival, London UK

Midnight in Fes

Midnight in Fès is a spoken word and soundscape composition created for Carroussa Sonore sound installation of artist Younes Baba Ali (Morocco), and presented at the Shubbak, London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture, in 2015. It consists of a text, written and performed by artist Wanja Kimani, and a soundscape recording of mine made in the Moroccan city Fès, both transformed into a pulsating piece of minimalist music.

“At night, the much-visited medina transforms into a whole different labyrinth; the sound of spoken Arabic turns into curious music; and a poem about loss and grief is broken down and the words reshuffled to create new becomings.” -Ilpo Jauhiainen


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