One of the most horrendous atrocities of our time is the continuing occupation of Gaza and the inhuman treatment of its citizens by Israel.

Israel is operating not as a democracy or a civilized nation but as a criminal, apartheid terror regime, and its government should be prosecuted for its genocide of Palestinians.

These are not any extreme words and views, but a common human sense; sensible reaction to Israel’s actions.

For there really is no sensible nor factual arguments for Israel’s actions, only those of subjective extremist beliefs based on an ideology.

To justify the occupation and illegal settlements, the imprisoning and killing of innocent civilians including children and women, and so forth and so forth, by Palestinians having shot rockets, exploded bombs, throwing stones and demonstrating peacefully…well how on earth do you expect people under oppression, illegal imprisonment, slow genocide, and with their land stolen etc. etc. react? Should they just politely and silently accept their unnecessary situation, without resistance? How would YOU react if your land was stolen from you and you were separated from your family and friends, and sent into a concentration camp with no freedom nor future? Wouldn’t you object?

To claim an ownership to a “homeland” is one of most ridiculous and juvenile things one can ever hear. [oh dear humanity, will you please grow up] There is no such a thing as ‘homeland’ or ‘ownership’ – these are all just man-made inventions, forms of ideological extremism. Life is an accidental emergence in this particular universe, and we are all made of specks of dust scattered around this universe, living on another, slightly larger speck of dust we call Earth. We are all made of the same matter, and we happen to inhabit the same solid rock in this particular solar system. Earth is our home, our shared home. There are no homelands or sacred lands or nations or borders – just a rock planet with billions of species. What matters is how we share this space, not who owns what.

We have the potential – skills, willpower, consciousness – to live as an enlightened, cooperative, sustainable species on this tiny orb filled with the wonder of life. But for some reason we continue to let the juvenile, imbecile, unimportant and totally unnecessary whimsies of some ephemeral ideologies dictate our survival and future potential on this unimaginably gorgeous planet.








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