A quick sketch, done while immersed in one of the most memorable moments in my life. A kind of a souvenir. This is from Saint-Louis, a town close to the Mauritanian border in northern Senegal. Having spent a day discovering both new and more ancient art in the old town, getting to know local people, exploring streets and talking with various inspired artists as well as having just said bye to a dear friend of mine (until we meet again), I feel rather elevated and tender. I’m standing here by the ocean-front, just sensing the atmosphere – a vivid yet serene evening / the sun setting behind the Atlantic Ocean / kids running around and chasing goats and laughing / women in their elaborate dresses strolling by / a boy dumping the contents of his trash can straight into the ocean / the usual smell of garbage mixed with more exotic smells floating in the warm air / distant sounds of fishermen and mosques carried over the water / blended with evening birds and cicadas – and it is now that I finally realize I am here on a new continent, and it is exactly the right place to be in this moment. I feel deep joy, a revived sense of purpose settling in.

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