I wake up somewhere over the Sahara. Everything is dark and quiet, only a sound from the airplane engines is audible. We’ve left Madrid several hours ago, one hour late, and it must be few hours past midnight now on our flight to Dakar. Everyone around me is asleep but I’m unable to close my eyes anymore: tired of traveling all day, I just want to touch down on the continent, see how it might look down there with my own eyes, and travel to meet my friends. I lean forward and look out the window expecting to see nothing at this point: and there, somewhere in a vast darkness that is the Sahara Desert, a moon with a neon orange shine is climbing above the horizon. A neon orange moon, in the middle of this darkness! I look further up, and gradually the whole sky appears like an ocean of stars, shimmering in a fullness that moves this country boy grown under northern stars to few tears. Far below them, scattered lights on the ground – towns and villages one can only imagine about – in a sea of complex twinkling as if a reflection of the nature above. Here I am above West Africa, under the stars, somewhere in the infinite universe, with an orange moon as my companion.

Few realizations during the trip:

– I care and am passionate about music more than ever
– I couldn’t care less about current music industry/business/media
– I’m passionate about social development, humanity and contemporary art more than ever
– I want to combine my music/sound art practice with the world instead of music business or the art world. How?
– Human cooperation is the greatest wisdom/truth/ideology/act/theory/social media app there is – if there ever has to be one

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