Sharawadji (2022) – 14-track album

Sharawadji presents a fusion of Somadelia, Juju Space Jazz, Sahelian Generative, Nordic Throb and Post-Tribal Bliss (invented genres, to reflect the difficulty of categorising one’s music nowadays). Recorded and crafted in various locations over the years, the music paints an impression of the rhythms, melodies and sonic textures of its geographies: Lagos, Cotonou, Ouagadougou, Dakar, Fez, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki and Paris.

The release consists of outtakes from my forthcoming Interspaces and Earth Variations albums as well as from the previous Flash of the Spirit, Pulses/Radiance and Sahara albums – featuring also the Beninese virtuoso Noel Saizonou of Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble on vocals and percussion, and the Syrian bass legend Omar Harb on bass. It also includes a previously unreleased track from LOS-HEL: Possible Cities, with a Lagos Soundscape by Emeka Ogboh.

‘Sharawadji’ refers to an aesthetic effect that characterizes the feeling of plenitude that is sometimes created by the contemplation of a sound motif or a complex soundscape of inexplicable beauty. It is the sublime of the everyday.

A digital-only release, the album is available on all major streaming platforms as well as on Bandcamp where the release features extended album artwork in addition to the higher quality audio download.

All tracks written, performed and mixed by Ilpo Jauhiainen

‘Ceremony’ cowritten by Ari Koskinen; steam synth. bass rumble and original drum programming by Ari Koskinen

‘Agbo’ & ‘Tchinkumin’ cowritten by Noel Saizonou; vocals (Agbo) and percussions by Noel Saizonou. Recorded by Heta Kaisto and Petteri Mäkiniemi

‘Dusk Melody’ cowritten by Omar Harb; melodic bass by Omar Harb

Lagos Soundscape on ‘Possible City’ by Emeka Ogboh

Produced by Ilpo Jauhiainen

Mastered by Gregor Zemljic at Earresistible Mastering

Cover art and design by Ilpo Jauhiainen

Released January 1, 2022

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