Piccianello Condition (2014) – sound installation / music composition for a public festival, Matera, Italy


Piccianello Condition is a composition and public sound installation created for Una giornata a Piccianello festival in Matera, Italy, 2014. Piccianello is a neglected neighbourhood in Matera, and the purpose of the festival was to initiate a discussion about the revitalization of the area. I happened to be in an art residency in Matera at the time, and was asked by the organizers if I could create something for the event. The composition features voices of older residents in the Piccianello neighbourhood reminiscing about their time there, collected by another participating artist, architect Lucia Caistor-Arendar; these spoken passages were then set to the music that I created in situ, using local sound marks such as church bells and birds as compositional material. The piece was broadcast through the loudspeakers of a derelict open-door shopping centre in Piccianello, where the main festival took place.

Music on YouTube This version excludes the voices of the local residents due to their site-specific nature. Original video by Riikka Keränen, treatments by Ilpo Jauhiainen. Filmed in the Sassi di Matera, Italy, May 2014.


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