Spring is starting to make noise again.

I’m truly grateful to the Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR) for awarding me a working grant this year. The grant allows me to focus on developing the next version of Future Forest Space for a year or so, alongside all the other artistic work, and it is really a much-needed boost to get this project and all the research and writing related to it finally off the ground. I’m equally grateful to the Finnish Music Foundation (MES) for once again offering me their grant that in turn allows me to concentrate on my next musical direction with greater freedom. Liberated from the need to perform commercially, ideas tend to diversify and multiply in unexpected ways.

The new album will be out in March-April. I took a month off from all the music while writing, and have since been making final treatments to some of the tracks while looking for the right mastering studio – and desperately trying to come up with titles for the pieces. The album is currently called Untitled and it contains 12 untitled pieces (which have had working titles such as Radiohead/Pan Sonic, Fela-Surulere, Tokyo Warp, Fez Dub and aaaaa). Stay tuned!

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